Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pickles and Claws

Wednesday Kelly Jo and I went to eat lunch at a place just few miles from the campground we are in. It is called Big Daddy's Grill and it is located on a beautiful section of the fish river. The houses up and down that stretch on both sides of the river are amazing. It really is beautiful!

They have a really nice patio section but it was still too cool for us to sit outside although there were a few brave souls eating on the patio. We stayed inside with the rest of the sane folks and we had a wonderful meal. The service was good and the food was good too.

We ordered some fried pickles and they had to be the very best fried pickles we have every had. They were absolutely delicious and there was not one morsel left when we were finished. The pickles would be worth the trip, I promise.

The crab claws were very good too but I probably would have liked them better if I had not just had the fabulous pickles!

Kelly Jo had the catfish and she said it was very good. She had a whole fillet left but I could not even take a bite of it. I was way too full. Good thing for Odie, since she got the leftovers!

Here is the namesake of the place, the Double Big Daddy. 

It was big and it was very, very good but I am afraid it just can not hold a candle to the Double Big Daddy at Ron's Hamburgers and Chili in Oklahoma. They are almost like comparing apples to oranges. The hamburger patties here are thick and the patties at Ron's are thin and big around. I guess I have just developed a preference for thin patties. However, it was very good today.

Kelly Jo and Odie spent a little time at the outlet mall in Foley again today. I studied and prepared for Tent Revival and finished up all of my tax stuff. Whew! I am glad to have that part of it over. I was up way too early again today AND I missed my daily vacation nap. That means I am planning to hit the bed early tonight.

We have one more day of rest tomorrow and then we must get an early start on Friday. Hope you all had a great day.


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