Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Travel Day,and A Rest Day

Yesterday was Newsletter day.

These are before and after pictures from Sonny's BBQ yesterday. I hope they are a blessing to you. 

No, I will not show you the before and after pictures of the guy who ate all of those ribs.

Thursday was a travel day and a newsletter day. I worked on Odie's newsletter Thursday morning and then drove the BoggsMobile about 190 miles down to Semmes, Alabama. Kelly Jo worked on getting things ready to ride then she and Odie worked on the newsletter the latter part of the trip and finished it Thursday evening. My part of the drive was pretty smooth and uneventful but Odie was pretty sick for a while. She was feeling fine by bedtime though.

Yesterday, Friday was a great rest day. I went over early to Bro. Donnie Williamson's to pick up some packages that were waiting for us there. I ended up staying and visiting a couple of hours. I laughed until I was sore. Bro. and Sis. Williamson are super great folks and very dear friends. I should start every day with them!

I picked up the girls and we met some friends at Sonny's BBQ and then kicked around Mobile for a few hours visiting, shopping, eating and laughing. It was a fine, fine day. The weather was beautiful and the whole day could not have been much better. I needed every bit of it and woke up this morning feeling blessed and refreshed.

We are parked in our usual spot at the Allentown Campmeeting. We were the first RV here but a couple more pulled in yesterday. The meeting will crank up on Tuesday and we a looking forward to the services and all of the fine preaching. I am sure that Odie will provided the play by play on the services as she usually does and we will all be snapping pictures.

We will be not be doing anything to terribly important today. The girls will do laundry and I will help folks get parked as they come in and we will probably eat lunch with some of our friends that have already arrived. Tomorrow we plan to be with the Apostle Donald C. Williamson and the Tanner Williams Holiness Church for both Sunday services. That is always a treat.

God bless you all today.



  1. Doing laundry may not seem to terribly important to you. But to those that have to be around you it is very important. Shew!! What's that smell. Love you guys!

    The Morris's

  2. Hello there guys. Hope you all doing well. Its warming up here in Ohio. We have had a beautiful day today, a little chilly to chilly to sit on the porch and swing but its getting there. :)
    We were talking about you all last night were your ears burning. You all are a great blessing to us. We really enjoy it when you all are here. I told Wendal when you all come in June I want to cook for you. I know it wont taste like Acupocco but its pretty good.
    We pray for you all. Be safe. Love yous all. Wendal and Crystal.

    1. It was 70 hear today and felt a little cool! It will be nice to see you all again.



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