Monday, March 11, 2013


I posted late Sunday night about our weekend. You can read it HERE.

I think sometime that folks think I am being overly cautious when I will not pull in places with the BoggsMobile that I have never been before without checking it out first. I have had some that were a little impatient with me when I would not pull in or park places that somebody else pulled in easily. Number one, the BoggsMobile is built a whole lot closer to the ground than a motorhome and weighs about 20,000 pounds more. Number two, who is going to take responsibility for the damage and tow bill? I thought so...

Sometimes folks are beeping the horn and pushing me out of the way but when I feel pressure like that I slow down and take my time. EVERY time I have done something under pressure while pulling a fifth wheel or driving the bus I ended up in a mess. Yes, every time.

It is so easy to drag the belly of the bus or drag the back end as well. There are lots of places we could turn in and I just shake my head and drive on by. It is not worth the hassle, tow bill or damage it could cause. I may make a terrible mistake driving next week but by the grace of God I am not going to do it on purpose.

That is why I was so sick when I saw this picture on Gypsy Journal RV blog. That could very easily be me in that driver's seat!


That hurts so bad. Here is what he had to say about it.

I proved that you can drive a bus up a hill that is steep enough that your front tires are on the ground and your rear bumper is buried on the pavement, but your drive wheels are off the ground. I also proved that while you can drive yourself into that predicament, you can’t drive back out of it. That requires the assistance of a very, very large wrecker, several police officers to direct traffic, a haz-mat crew to clean up the 36 gallons of antifreeze that pours out when the wrecker snags your bottom heater hose, a host of curious onlookers, and the news media.

 Double Ouch on that one! That could ruin your whole week.

Be careful driving out there!


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