Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun With Friends! - Video and Pictures

It is great to have fun with friends. A couple of weeks ago we were blessed to spend the day in Mobile, Alabama with Bro. Scott and Sis. Kim Morris. We ate and laughed and ate and laughed some more. It may not be legal to have as much fun as we had that day but it sure was a blessing. It felt good to laugh so hard.

We were putting Odie's new wheel chair in the car that night and removed the chair part. We realized that it looked like a scooter and decided to ride it standing up. It was absolutely hilarious. Bro. Scott's laugh is about twice as funny as the visual. I hope you enjoy!

I have posted a few pictures of Bro. Scott below as well. It must have been funny hat day at Dirt Cheap! At least it was funny from our point of view. Store security was watching us pretty close. It think he was jealous that we were having so much fun.

Revival at Forts Lake is going great. We had one saved tonight. (Thursday) Praise God for that. We will try to postsome pictures from revival tomorrow night or Saturday morning.



  1. We love and miss yall and are praying for yall
    Love Von Alicia Brianna Rylan Ayden

    1. We have been wanting to see yall so bad

    2. We have been having great services Brianna and Abby felt the Lord and they got a blessing they was just crying when Bro Alan Smith was there last Tuesday night God has moved in are church

  2. Love the Phillips family

  3. Brianna said to tell Sis Kelly and Sis Odie that she loves and misses Yall and she is praying for Yall


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