Sunday, March 17, 2013

More From Allentown Campmeeting

Here are the links for pictures from Allentown Campmeeting and run down of the preaching each day.
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four

As Odie has been telling you, Allentown has been wonderful. It has been a time of refreshing for our family and for many others. God has met with us, spoke to us from His Word and ministered to our needs all week long. It has been a special time. Thank God for the preaching and for the moving of His Spirit in our lives at Allentown.

I came to Allentown with Bro. Joe Bill Houston for the first time in 1989. He wanted to come and I drove him down. It was a great meeting that year and I determined to bring my family the next year. I brought them down in 1990 and we have been back many, many times since. We missed a few years in the 90's while we were living and working in Ohio and one year while we were living in Kansas but have been here all of the rest. It has been a super blessing to us.

Odie has posted a bunch of pictures during the week but here are a few more. I hope you are enjoying the pictures.

God bless, 


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  1. Really enjoyed the service Thursday night, "Just Like Pentecost", trusting that we can see it in our churches today. Looks like Rylee is taking up her daddy's bad habits, funny faces in the pics. We love y'all Boggs's!!

    The Morris's


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