Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is There Anything That Is Not Better Fried?

I told you that the hamburger steak that I ate at Lambert's on Monday would probably not be the last one. Here is the proof!

Late Thursday evening we took Odie to Big Daddy's Grill for appetizers. We wanted her to experience it first hand and it was good. They have live music on some weekends so it is probably not a place we would feel comfortable going on those evenings but at 5:00 on Thursday it was great and family friendly.

We has more of those super fried pickles, fried green beans and fried cheese sticks. Wow! Fried Green Beans! Now that is the best way to eat green beans. Is there anything that is not better when it is fried?

Kelly Jo and I drive around and looked at a bunch of pretty places today. The weather was warm, the sun was hot and the lady sitting next to me in the Green Machine was as purty as ever. It sure is nice being married to my best friend. It was a great final day of rest for us.

We will probably never settle down in one place and if we do it probably will not be on the Gulf or the ocean or the river bank, but it does not hurt any thing to look. The houses and the docks and the boats are beautiful. I would not want to ride out a hurricane right on the coast but the folks I talk to down here just shrug it off for the most part. Although they all have some stories to tell about hurricanes in the past!

Tomorrow we plan to drive about 115 miles to Richton, Mississippi. The tent trailer is parked near Richton at Bro. Scott Morris' church. I will check the tires and make sure everything is secure to ride and then we will pull over to Citronelle. I will try to get the trailer in place and then park the BoggsMobile in the campground about 100 yards from the tent site. All of that should make for an interesting day. Please pray that all goes well as we crank up the tent revival season.

Speaking of Bro. Scott Morris, his grandfather and Bro. Kenny Morris' dad is in the hospital in Hattiesburg tonight. He is a very weak and very sick man. He has preached the Gospel and lived for God all of his long life and he is ready to go to Heaven but nobody is ready to turn loose of him yet. Please pray that God will strengthen him and pray the God will help Bro. Kenny and Bro. Scott and all of their families as well.

God bless you all.


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