Sunday, March 3, 2013

Travel Day - Mississippi

Saturday's was a Revival in Pictures post.

Yesterday was a travel day but it was an easy travel day. We drove less than 120 miles even with a slight detour down into Meridian to visit Dirt Cheap. We have been going to that particular Dirt Cheap for over 12 years. We have not driven through Meridian very many times without stopping. Odie found a few things that she could not live without so I guess it was worth it.

I was telling them at Ellisville Friday night that I could get used to these short travel days. 2 1/2 hours today, 45 minutes last week, 40 minutes the week before, 3 1/2-4 hours next week and 30 minutes the next. Yep, I could get used to that. I love NOT buying diesel!

We arrived at White Plains church about 5:45 and Bro. Ricky Boler met us here. He had the tree trimmed and our spot ready to pull into. It only took a few minutes to wire in and set up. The temperature was about 35 so I am glad it was quick.

They have Saturday night service but we are not starting revival until this morning. I slipped over for service because I love to see trains run that I do not have to pull. That is the punch line from an old joke about a pastor that loved to visit the rail yard. You do not have to hear the whole joke to understand it.

It is great to be with these folks again this year. We first preached here in 2004 and we have been coming every year since 2008. We preached here in 2008 right before we went to look at the BoggsMobile. We had been dealing on it for a long time and ended up making our final deal on it that week. I was sick while I was here and so nervous that I thought I would die. The Lord helped me in a couple of those services and these folks encouraged me so much.

They did not realize what a blessing they were to me on that visit. It seems that it often works that way. You try to minister to others and God uses them to minister to you. This church will always have a special place in our lives because they allowed me to "get my blessing" in those services and not feel like I was cheating them in some way. I still had some nervous times in front of me and some big decisions to make but God gave me the peace I needed right here just a few feet from where I am sitting.

So we are glad to be back and we are looking for the Lord to help and bless folks again this year. Pray that the Lord has his way this week.


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  1. We love White Plains people! They are all so sweet! Praying that y'all have wonderful services this week! The Martin Family


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