Saturday, March 23, 2013

Travel Day 3/23/13

I posted a bunch of pictures from Forts Lake before I went to bed last night. You can see that post HERE.

I have received some hilarious comments by email and text about THIS POST. You might want to check it out if you missed it.

We had another short and easy travel day today (Saturday). I am convinced now more than ever that short and easy travels days are the best kind. We only drove about 25 miles to Gospel Lighthouse in Mobile, Alabama just a few miles from Allentown Camp meeting.

We had a very late night last night and we rested in this morning quite a bit. It felt so good not to have to get up after 3-4 hours sleep and drive 500-700 miles today. We have done it lots of times before and I am sure we will do it again but I am trying to be wiser in my scheduling. So far, so good.

We made it over here and set up the bus and them Kelly Jo and Odie spent the afternoon and evening having some retail therapy. They ran into several people we know and had a good time. I stayed here and read and did as much of nothing as I could.

They saw some of the young folks from Bro. Russell McDonald's church.

And Sis. Angie and her girls from Fort's Lake.

Tomorrow we will be here at Gospel Lighthouse for both services. Bro. Michael Groves is the pastor here now and we are looking forward to being with Bro. Mike, Sis. Rhonda and their boys. Although we have known Sis. Rhonda since she was a girl, we were blessed to get to know their family better the last few years at Tanner Williams Holiness Church. They served under the Apostle Donald C. Williamson for several years and have now stepped into the place of pastor here. It is our first visit to Gospel Lighthouse but we know some of the folks from going to Allentown Camp meeting.

Monday we are going to find a campground nearby and hibernate a few days. By God's grace we will be putting up the tent for the first time in 2013 next Saturday and we need to take some time to make sure we are as physically and spiritually prepared as possible. We need to be at our strongest in every way during those meetings and these few days will help with that. I do not know where we are parking yet but I am sure we will be blogging at least some.

We had given up our scheduled week off to make up for days we had cancelled to go home. However the revival we had planned this next week had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict so this became our week off. In fact we have moved several things already this year so if you are coming to be with us please check HERE before you do.

Friday we will  move to Citronelle, get the tent trailer moved from Richton, Mississippi and then measure everything for the tent lay out. I want to have it ready when the church folks show up early Saturday morning. Well, at least that is the plan.

Hope you all have a super Sunday.


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