Friday, March 1, 2013

Coming Soon!

I posted late last night and you can read that post HERE

When we arrived at Richton, Mississippi last week and looked at the screen before church we were almost embarrassed. You think we are preaching in this general area enough? It is nice to be loved and the folks in this Mississippi/Alabama area do love us and have been so good to have us in their churches.

The tent revival they are praying for is our tent revival in October.

If the economy continues to slide downward and the fuel prices continue to fly upward, we may have to begin staying in areas even longer than we do. Evangelists years ago would go in an area, rent furnished rooms and preach in every community and wide spot in the road. They would stay six months or more in one area and then move on some where else.

Who knows what the future holds? God knows for sure and that is good enough for me. All I know is that my calling at this time is to evangelize and God will make the way to do that in some fashion or another.

Bro. Marty Millikin had his best day of the week yesterday and we praise God for it. Thanks for praying for him.


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