Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Thank you, Karen Boggs!

The last couple of years being named Karen has been pretty rough. A "Karen" has come to be known as a white woman that perceives herself to be entitled and is seen as demanding to be treated beyond the limit of what they may deserve.

Most of us have seen videos of women (and men for that matter) making a huge scene over a perceived injustice or slight, often with racial or difference in class overtones. They might as well scream, "I am better than you, lowly pig!"

We have all seen some despicable and disgusting behavior. Acting repulsive is becoming normal. The name "Karen" is applied to them as a slur. There may need to be a name that applies to entitled snobs who act angry, hateful and obnoxious in public. 

But why "Karen"? Was the woman in the first viral video actually named Karen? Maybe so, but it is unfair to lump in all of the nice, kind and gracious Karens in the world.

We know several sweet Karens and one of them happens to have a significant place in our lives. My sister-in-law Karen could clean up the reputation of Karens worldwide if everyone could spend a few hours around her. 

She is an incredibly generous, compassionate, unselfish and thoughtful woman. She is also amazingly hard working. I am talking about Energizer Bunny hard working. She loves people freely and often demonstrates that love by considering their needs way before her own.

Karen was with us this week in Alabama. She came to be a help and she was a substantial help to the success of the Tent Revival in Thomasville.

Deidre Shoemaker is the Pastor's wife in Thomasville and Karen's daughter. Diedre runs a preschool and the first week of school happened to coincide with Tent Revival. 

What timing you have, Davy!😍

Karen helped Deidre with her baby, Chloe Jean and worked as hard as we did each night at Tent Revival.

She arrived Monday and went right to work. She helped us unload and set up the equipment before church and then helped us load it all back up after church Monday through Friday. 

She was in charge of making sure the cases and all the rest were loaded in the trailer in an organized fashion after church. That is a difficult task, made a little more difficult by having different people help each night.

She helped roll up and down the wall each night as needed and absolutely anything else that might need to be done. She even planned her return flight home so that she could be there to help us take the tent down Saturday. Wow!

She did all of this while probably working online for her actual job every free moment she was not helping us or helping Deidre.

Karen and my brother Steve have helped us do the physical work of evangelism and other work in many places over the period of many years. They have never wanted attention. They have been content to work behind the scenes and without applause.

Well, it is time for a polite round of applause. That is right. Maybe clap a little louder!

Thank you, Karen! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are precious to us.

Maybe you can think about our pleasant Karen the next time you are tempted to label a mean spirited woman with that sweet name.

Thank you for stopping in today.



  1. She is the genuine article when it comes to a Godly woman. My testimony, before and after I got saved, is full of her gentle loving kindness to me and everyone, everyone around her.
    Speaking as a proud husband, Steve

    1. Thank you for the confirmation, Bubba. You should know better than anyone that she is the real deal! We love you both!
      Davy and Kelly

  2. I have often wondered where this misuse of my sister's name came from. Nothing could be further from the truth. She is without a doubt the most caring, loving, hard working, beautiful woman I know. I am blessed to be able to say she is my little sister and I couldn't love her more. Joy

  3. A great lady for sure! Priscilla and I are privileged to call her and Steve our friends. See you down the road


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