Monday, September 5, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 9/5/22

Wow! What a week and what a weekend!

First things first. I knew that we would be running the generator for several days in a row during tent revival so I changed the oil in the generator Wednesday morning in Central City.

I could only find the Rotella T6 Full Synthetic oil in 2.5 gallon jugs a few months ago and there is no way I can hold a funnel in the confined space AND pour oil from the large container. KJo bought a cheap measuring cup and I added oil one quart at a time. 

It only takes a little over a gallon so it worked fine.

Thursday morning is when the real fun began. It was a whopper of a day and entails too much to get into here. I will try to write up a description at a later date.

Our second day of travel was better. Friday morning we did the work of the evangelist, added diesel and finished the trip to Thomasville. 

Doing the work of the evangelist required some finagling. If I pulled up to the RV Dump at Flying J, the tent trailer would have blocked access and egress from the gas pump area and I would have made a bunch of people unhappy.

I dropped the trailer where we had parked overnight, pulled around to empty the holding tanks and then hooked up to the trailer. You are not supposed to leave trailers unattended, so KJo stayed with the trailer to answer questions. Thankfully, no one asked any questions.

We could not get into the diesel pumps at Flying J, so we stopped four miles later at Love's. We were only down to half a tank, but we are running the generator all week. I wanted to arrive in Thomasville with as much diesel as possible.

The BoggsMobile pulled into the church about 11:00 Friday morning. We first determined where the tent would probably go and parked the trailer and bus accordingly. 

After a shower and a very short nap, we grabbed a bite to eat. It was probably the last time I will leave the church as long as the tent is in the air.

After it cooled a bit in the evening, KJo and I along with Pastor Ben Shoemaker, measured and marked the stake line for the tent. It has been a while since we have done it, but it was no problem at all.

Saturday morning at 8:00 we began the tent setup and everything went well. IF it had not been for special help that came, we could have been in a bind, but we knew that ahead of time and had reached out to others for help.

However, the church folks here in Thomasville showed up and worked hard and smart. It was a joy for us to experience the day. We are so appreciative of all the help!

We have about 150 pictures to post from Saturday. Those will probably go up tomorrow. Here are a few of pictures and a video that I posted Saturday evening.

Sunday morning we were blessed to minister inside the church. 


Kelly Jo and I started working about 3:00 PM Sunday to have everything in place for the first service. I can not explain the joy that we felt under the Blue and White Gospel Tent Sunday afternoon. But the joy was short lived. 

It rained like crazy at about 4:40, but stopped after quite a while. We were already settting up sound and the forecast looked good so we kept working. About 5:45 the bottom dropped out of the sky and rained hard for nearly an hour.

It was a soggy mess and we could not have church.

I hate, hate, hate to cancel, but we can only do the best we can. God knows!

Bro. Ben and Sis. Deidre came and helped us load the sound equipment in the trailer. It was a muddy mess. Ugh! We finished up about 7:30 just as church should have been starting.

We will try again tonight, by God's grace!


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