Saturday, September 24, 2022

Charlie And Chloe Jean Fun

Hey Friends,

This Odie reporting in from the road. The BoggsMobile is Texas bound. We should be in Texas for the next few weeks.

Tent revival in Richton, Mississippi, wrapped up Thursday night. Thank you for praying for us! All of our prayers were answered! God blessed us in every service. I am so grateful! It was remarkable to be under the Blue and White Gospel Tent again in Richton.

Today, I am rewinding to Thomasville, Alabama. We had a wonderful week there with my cousin Deidre and her family and church. The revival was so good. We will look back on this week with fond memories for a long time.

A highlight of the week for me was spending time with our family. I have compiled pictures of Charlie and Chloe Jean. All of these pictures were dispersed in our revival posts. 

Today I wanted to write down some of my memories from this week. I do not want to forget these sweet moments with my cousins.

I loved playing with Charlie. We took cover in the Green Machine during a sudden rainstorm.

He enjoys riding his "motorcycle."

Aunt Kelly bought him a frisbee. Charlie loves playing with Mom.

Charlie called it a "rice krispie." Rice Krispies Treats are one of his favorite snacks.

I can not run and play with him, but I can race him with my "motorcycle." We had lots of races. He is a smart one. If I pulled ahead, Charlie would suddenly need a push from me.

Princess Chloe Jean was part of the tent setup.

Charlie was ready to help too.

Chloe had a front row seat. She was in her favorite position, with her feet propped up.

Charlie hung out with me for a little while.

A happy Chloe Jean.

Resting on the altar area carpet.

I  love my Chloe Jean!

She wanted to eat my handle.

Charlie loves to sing. Well, until he spots a camera.

I am always thrilled to snuggle this girl!

Aunt Kelly is always a hit with the kids.

Tuckered by revival.

Two of my favorite ladies!

Yay, Charlie wanted a selfie with me.

Chloe Jean is our miracle! Many of you prayed for her with us! She is eating, growing and doing well right now.

Uncle Davy loves on Chloe.

Charlie added around 148 pictures to his mom's camera roll.

Dueling cameras.

Here is some of Charlie's photography.

Chloe wanted to taste Mom's mic.

I love this boy. He melts my heart!

Chloe Jean's smile is contagious. This is one of my favorite pictures of the week.

Charlie helping prep for tent take down.

Chloe Jean helped hold the bag for the pool noodles.

Charlie got to be under the tent as it came down.

The tear down was hot. 

Ready for a nap.

Resting by Uncle Davy.

Chloe Jean loves her Mamaw! We all love Aunt Karen!

Charlie got to see the BoggsMobile.

Well, you have a glimpse into my time with Charlie and Chloe Jean. I love both of them dearly! It is an honor to be Auntie O to them.

Thanks for visiting with me today. see you next week.



  1. Enjoyed the pictures. See you down the road

  2. Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed them. My eyes are wide open looking you all!

  3. Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. I am looking for you all! 👀

  4. It was so great to see y'all again enjoyed every minute under tent and can't wait to see y'all for Revival..Be safe on the road..

    1. Thank you dear friend. It was wonderful to see you and to be in church with you under the tent. May God bless you for coming to be with us every night you could.👍🏽😀


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