Monday, September 12, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 9/12/22

Wow Again! God blessed us with another wonderful weekend and we are thankful for His help! From beginning to end, all went well. It was not without drama, but we always have a little drama! That makes it more exciting. 😍

We posted a Mile Marker Friday with a swarm of pictures from Tent Revival in Thomasville. You can follow the link to see them.

When we posted those pictures on Friday, we fulling intended to have more tent revival pictures from Friday night. There was no way of knowing that Thursday night would be the last night under the Blue and White Gospel Tent in Thomasville this year. 

It was beautiful during the day, but rainy weather was blowing in all over the area. Ugh! We had the sound equipment set up Friday evening under the tent but ultimately the storms were too strong to have service. Before the rain came, we were able to get the equipment back into the trailer with a little help from our friends.

Friday while we were setting up, a frog was playing KJo piano. Notice he is playing in the key of F.

We were able to move inside for the last service and it was very good. The crowd was great and folks were ready to have church. The altar service was a great way to cap off the week.

Friday night, I would have not expected to get the tent down completely dry about twelve hours later. It had rained like crazy and the ground under and around the tent was a soppy mess.

The forecast for Saturday morning and noon was gloomy skies and a small chance of rain. By 11:30 Saturday morning, the sun was shining and the tent was completely dry! Yay!

With the help that came, we got it all down safe and sound. I will have pictures of the take down later in the week if all works well.

Charlie ready to drive the bus.

After the tent was down and packed away, we hooked up to the trailer and drove about 45 miles to Midway Assembly. It took us about 90 minutes and by the time we arrived, the week had caught up with us. 

We rested all evening and went to bed early. Sunday morning, I was feeling alive and ready to go. Pastor Lamar Chapman had invited us to preach and we are always happy to be with him and the folks at Midway.

We had a wonderful service Sunday morning and a super great lunch provided by Sis. Tonya Chapman. The food was great and the fellowship with our friends was even better!

Sunday afternoon, we traveled to a top secret undisclosed location to rest until Wednesday night when we will preach again.

See the rainbow in the picture below?

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for stopping in.


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