Friday, September 9, 2022

Tent Revival In Pictures Thomasville, Alabama

Wow! We have been having church each night under the Blue and White Gospel Tent and we have a boatload of great pictures to prove it! We are praising God for His help and grace working in hearts and lives.

There is no way that I can adequately describe tent revival this week except to use the old adage. It is better felt than telt!

We have one more night and we need you to help us pray about the weather. The chance of rain for tonight is lower than they were guessing a few hours ago, but it is still high.

You will find many pictures below along with some running commentary.

Thank you for stopping in today.

We had a frog visit revival Monday night. He spent most of the service on a speaker stand, but before service he was on Odie's basket. Look at Charlie's face.

Wyze Cam view Tuesday

This is little Chloe Jean, the baby that many of you prayed so much for earlier this year. We are praising God that she is surviving and thriving. It was super great to have her attend her first tent revival! 

Chloe Jean with her grandmother on her Daddy's side and two aunts. 

Chloe Jean with her Boggs grandmother! It was wonderful to have Karen with us all week. She is always a big help with the physical work.

Charlie showing is Boggs lip.😍

Leading a local man to the Lord. He came during the day wanting to be saved!

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