Thursday, September 29, 2022

A Case For Change

We ordered cases for three of our speakers in 2020. They were delivered to Fouke Arkansas the last week of October 2020 and we have been using them ever since. The quality of these affordable custom cases has been impressive and they have worked perfectly for us.

The one with the blue lid is an existing case we already had.

They might or might not hold up to roadies tossing them into semi-trailers five days a week, but they work great for our usage. They are handled mostly by me and Kelly Jo and it appears they will last a long time.

We have struggled for years to find a good way to transport all the different cords we use on a regular basis. We have used suitcases, tool boxes, plastic tubs, bags and who knows what else. Nothing has worked well.

Our good friend Galen Cummins gave us a case that he had used years before for a CD case. We have been using it for two years for cord storage and it has worked great. 

We put hooks inside to hold the cords. It did not really have room to keep the different cords separate, but it was much better than any other method.

Recently, I was on the website of the company that made our custom speaker cases and found a case with four removable tubs rather than shelves or hooks. Like the case we have been using, it is just the right size to roll into the center of the bus bay.

I ordered it and waited on a shipping date. They called when we were in Mississippi and I had them ship it to Brownsboro, Texas to meet us this week. 

It arrived safe and sound after much back and forth with UPS. KJo loaded the cords into it this week and it appears to be exactly what we need.

For perspective, it is almost 28" tall with the 3" casters.

I think this will serve us for a long time.

Our case that holds our mixer, mic receivers and other things is up for replacement next. It has had broken latches going back to the spring of 2016.🤣 I have found one that will work and I plan to order it soon.

Thank you for stopping by today. Tomorrow we should have lots of revival pictures.


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