Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Taking The Tent Down in Richton, Mississippi

Richton was the last location our tent would be in the air for 2022. That means it had to come down and fold up completely dry. The dew had been extremely heavy each night during church. By morning, water was running off the top of the ten and from the underside too.

The sun would have everything dry by noon, so we set that as the time to take the tent down Friday. Most people are working on Friday, so we knew it might be a challenge to get it down. But the Lord and the people came through and we had just enough!

Pastor Andy Stringfellow drove over from Ellisville and helped us. He was enough to push us over the top of the hill and get the job done. Thank you, Bro. Andy!

We are so thankful for Pastor Scott Morris and his church folks. They work hard to make tent revival a success in Richton each year! May God bless you all for being willing to work.

Here are the pictures. If you like watching people work, you are in the right place. Thank you.


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