Thursday, September 1, 2022

Getting With The Program

Last night was the last service of revival with our dear friends in Central City, Kentucky. We always enjoy our time with Pastor Alan Harris, Sis. Tammy Harris and the wonderful folks at Trinity Pentecostal Church. I would love to stay several more days, but duty calls me on.

The BoggsMobile will circle back around to Central City next year by God's grace. It feels good down in my heart to know that!

It is time to get with the program. This morning we plan to drive a few miles to a local business and pick up the tent trailer. At that business of a few miles down the road, we will insert the Green Machine, strap it down and then guide the whole contraption to the Parkway.

Our flight plan calls for us to drift west on the Parkway then south on I-169 and I-25 to Nashville and I-65 to Birmingham. At Birmingham we will turn west again on I-20 and then south on Hwy 5 toward Thomasville, Alabama.

It is about 455 miles total and we would like to get within 120 miles of the church by the end of today. Pulling the tent trailer ups the stress a little, so we will go with the flow.

Once we arrive in Thomasville, we will place the tent trailer into position, park the bus and then layout and paint the stake positions. The stake line takes us about an hour and we like to have all of that done before help shows up Saturday morning at 8:00.

We have done three tent revivals and a few other outdoor revivals since Covid, but I have not set up our Blue and White tent since this pandemic mess began. I certainly have not set it up since I came through Covid last year.

Will you please pray for us. Pray that I have the necessary strength to do the physical work and to carry the spiritual load of tent revival. If tent revival is done right, it requires great effort. 

I want to do it right with all of my heart! I want to see souls come into the kingdom of God under that Blue and White Gospel tent in Thomasville, Alabama. I want to encourage the Pastor and I want to strengthen the church. That is my heart!

Thank you for praying for us and thank you for stopping by today. Feel free to share my prayer request with others.



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