Monday, September 26, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 9/26/22

We posted oodles of pictures of tent revival Thursday and Friday and we will have pictures of taking the tent down later in the week. Today we turn our attention to the weekend.

Friday morning started early for us. The tent and ground would not be dry until nearly noon and we had help coming to take it down then. It was a risky proposition taking the tent down during the day on Friday, but we had enough help to get it down safely and dry.

Before then, a lot of stuff needed to be done. The first thing was getting the Blue Ox Tow Bar out of the trailer and attaching it to the BoggsMobile. The tent trailer was staying behind so it was time to pull the Green Machine with the tow bar.

Then we prepared the trailer for the tent, took down the lights and KJo prepared the inside for travel. She also had quite a bit of sorting to do with PA cords.

The tent came down fine and folded up good! It was a super blessing to have the help we needed!

This was our take down crew! Thank you all!

Pastor Scott Morris and his folks sure went the extra mile to help us all week long and especially Friday. They not only did all of the takedown work, they even trimmed trees on the exit road. May God bless them for blessing us.

While Bro Scott and I were taking the tent trailer to the church, KJo was doing final preparations for departure. She noticed some oil on the ground by the front tire of the BoggsMobile. 

I thought it was a leaky wheel seal when she told me. But the gear oil level was perfect and there was no oil on the back of the wheel or tire. It turned out to be a power steering leak on the passenger side.

I put a quick call into Jeff Rowe, made sure the reservoir was full, closed my eyes and hit the road. We checked for fluid on the ground every hour or so and all was good in the world. Thank you, Lord! Bro. Scott was right there helping us with that too!

After 263 miles, the power steering fluid was right on the money. It is on the list now of things to be repaired, but thankfully, we are not dead in the water.

Here is where the tent was. It looks empty!

Unbelievably, we drove 263 miles to the Walmart in Ruston, Louisiana. We worked seven hours Saturday morning and drove over five hours Saturday afternoon. Hallelujah!

By the time we were stopped and settled, KJo and I both felt like we drove into a brick wall. Wow! It was a long day after a high pressure week of tent revival in the heat, but we made it by God's grace.

By Saturday morning I was ready to change careers. Maybe I could be a Sherpa guide climbing Mt. Everest, dig ditches by hand or even Pastor a church. After some encouragement from my wife, a few friends and the Lord, I was ready to keep living this beautiful road life the Lord has blessed us to enjoy!

We cranked Saturday morning and drove about 192 miles to Brownsboro, Texas. Our only stops were a brief stop for a snack and a fuel stop in Kilgore, Texas.

We pulled into the church at 1:10 PM, 23 hours after leaving the park in Richton. We were so thankful to get here with no major problems. It was 455 miles.

Pastor Terry Nesmith met us here, helped us get parked and walked me through the church. After we hooked up to utilities, we went inside for a few hours to rest. 

The cool of the evening never came so we carried in our sound equipment in the heat of the evening. 😍

Afterward, we ate and had fellowship with the Pastor, his wife and his daughter. It was great to get acquainted with them a bit.

Both services Sunday were great. This is our first time being here with Pastor Terry Nesmith and his church and we are enjoying it already. We are looking forward to three more great services!

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for joining us today.


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