Thursday, September 8, 2022

Traveling "FUN"

We have been having a wonderful time this week under the Blue and White Gospel Tent. That completely makes up for the work and stress of getting to this point. 

We are praising God for His help!

But the reality is that tent revival is not all fun and games.

Monday I mentioned that last Thursday was a whopper of a travel day. IF all travel days were like that one, I might croak. But if all travel days were easy, everyone could do it and I might be out of a job!

We were leaving Central City, Kentucky, driving the bus and pulling the trailer 470 miles to Thomasville, Alabama.

This was the plan. We would crank the bus and KJo would follow me in the Green Machine about 3.5 miles to a local business where the tent trailer was parked. There we would hook up the trailer, pull to a local store with a big parking lot and load the Green Machine in the trailer.

Easy Peazy, right? This is how it turned out in the real world.

I left in the bus, but KJo could not follow me. She had left the Green Machine key in her apron pocket and the apron was in the bus with me. 😁

No problem, except, there is NO place for me to turn a bus around on the road. So I had to go all the way to town, turn around and go back to the church, pull into the church and leave again.

25 minutes gone like dust in the wind.😢

At least KJo captured pictures of the BoggsMobile coming back.

It took about 25 more minutes to go to the trailer, hook it up and drive to a nearby store with a large parking lot. We inserted the Green Machine, strapped it down and we were ready to go.

Before leaving, I checked a few lug nuts and also checked a few tires for proper air pressure. While doing that, I noticed one of the dust covers/grease caps had come off. Ugh!

Keep in mind, we just had these off recently and we are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN all the caps were on good and tight. 

Thankfully, the cover was not lost, the center cap caught it, but this one has come off before. Since that cap had a history of coming off, I replaced it.

I had ordered four of the correct size (2.75") two weeks ago so I had extra. I put a new one on and it stayed on all day. It is a different style, but it works fine. Of course, the wheel had to come off to get to it. Ugh Again!

I did not reinstall the center cap. In the pictures below, the left one has no center cap and the right one does.

What do you think? I may remove all the center caps. It would be so much easier to work on.

By the time we finished that, 90 minutes had passed since we first left the church, we had driven 14 miles, but we were only about 6 miles from the church in 90 minutes. 90 minutes = 6 miles. Not a very good start for the day. At that rate, we might be in Alabama by November.😢😜

50 miles later, we stopped at a truck stop so I could retighten the lug nuts on the tire I had removed and reinstalled.

The traffic in Nashville was not near as bad as it could have been. It was only slow for a few minutes. However, with all the delay at the beginning of the day, it took us four hours to get south of Nashville about 130 miles from where we began. Wow!

The rest of the day was better. We finished with 353 miles and over 8 hours later at a Flying J near McCalla, Alabama.

It was a welcome relief to pull into a parking place and shut down for the day. Hallelujah!

Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and press on!

Thank you for reading today.



  1. I’ve heard that bear story and lived it at times. See you…….


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