Friday, September 16, 2022

The Tent Is Down, Thomasville, Alabama

The tent came down in Thomasville, Alabama beautifully and safely! As I mentioned in The Weekend Dispatch, the sun broke through the gloomy forecast and the tent came down dry. 

The ground under the tent was wet and even muddy is some places so we put down tarps before putting the tent on the ground. It is an extra step we have to take at times, but it works.

This is the crew that helped take the tent down. They worked hard and smart and got the job done wonderfully. Karen was already gone to the airport by the time we took the picture, but I wrote about her Tuesday.

I took a timelapse of most of the tent take down and you can see that below. I did not realize how beautiful the clouds and blues sky were until I watched the timelapse.

Mr. Charles Ray took care of the pool noodles that cover the ends of the stakes.

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