Thursday, July 7, 2022

Another Stowaway

Do any of you remember when a kickball attached itself to the BoggsMobile in Independence, Iowa and rode 580 miles to Waynesville, Ohio? You can read the whole story and see pictures HERE.

The BoggsMobile must attract round objects. We had another ball try to secretly hitch a ride in California.

As we were preparing to leave Bloomington, California, I drove the bus to the back entrance of the parking lot. It is the only entrance we can use at the church and we examine it carefully before trying to leave. Sometimes we have to ask people to move cars on the street in order to exit. Often, we hook up the car after we are in the street.

I was driving to the exit so I could look things over and there was a small ball in the parking lot as I was turning toward the exit. I straddled it with the front wheels and thought I missed it with the back wheels too.

I walked behind the bus and the ball was nowhere to be found. KJo saw the whole thing and she could not find the ball either. We both lay on the concrete to look under the bus and could not see it.

Then I stretched out on the ground and watched the wheels as KJo was slowly driving the bus and I found the ball. Can you see it?

It is wedged between the passenger side drive axle wheels. How in the world did I run over the ball so that it was placed perfectly between the dual tires?🤣 I could probably never do it again if I tried, but sure enough, there it was!

I have no idea what would have happened IF the ball remained and we drove down the interstate. Maybe it would have fallen out harmlessly or maybe not.

It came out easily and I rolled it by a tree so the kids could find it.

Crisis narrowly averted. AND we exited the parking lot very easily and did not even have to back up to do it. Two good things in less than five minutes!

Thank you for reading today.



  1. Good to see you two are having a ball!!! See you down the road.

    1. Hehe! 😍 You are so punny!😇


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