Saturday, July 16, 2022

Some July Ohio Family Time

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from Ohio. I hope you had a good week. I spent time with family and friends. I have been trying to savor every second.

Aunt Mary Kramer
My first two pictures for today have been shared before. I posted them last month. They are now extremely precious to me. Papaw and Mamaw brought my Aunt Mary to visit me. We had a wonderful visit. 

I was thrilled to show her my home. Aunt Mary kept up with the building process through the blog, but she had never been inside the finished home. I think she told her entire family about our special time together. It truly was a great day. Aunt Mary was having a good day physically. I will treasure that visit for the rest of my days. 

I had no idea that would be my final visit with Aunt Mary. Sadly, she finished her almost 81 years of life last week. She is missed! Please join me in praying for the Kramer family that she left behind! I can not imagine the pain they are experiencing! 

Aunt Mary was the oldest of the six Boggs siblings. My Papaw Eugene and his sister Garnetta are the two remaining siblings. Please help me pray for them too!

4th of July
Last Saturday I told you about my fun from the fourth of July weekend. If you missed that post, you can find it here. I did not share my pictures from a small gathering we had at Papaw's barn on the fourth. We enjoyed good family time and food. Below are my pictures from that afternoon.

Last Tuesday, I caught a ride to Hillsboro, Ohio, with my Gran and Papaw. It was great to spend a couple days with the Morgan side of the family! Thankfully I was able to see most of the family during my short visit.

Hillsboro Family Time

I was excited to get some baby snuggles with sweet, six month old Karleigh Jo. My glasses have to come off most of the time when holding her. She loves grabbing at them.

Jackson, my little cousin, is almost three. He is obsessed with cars. He had been apprehensive of "Odie's car." During this visit, he started liking my chair and enjoyed going for rides.

We bought Jackson this lion for his first Christmas in 2019. The best gift that I have ever purchased. Lion goes everywhere with him. He is well loved and worn! Jackson wanted Lion to sleep in the car seat.😂

Thursday afternoon, it was time to head back to Waynesville. Papaw Danny and I grabbed a quick lunch at Gold Star.

While at lunch, we saw Uncle Raymond and Aunt Juanita Morgan. It was good to chat with them for a few moments. Dad wrote about them and a special part they played in our history HERE.

We made it back to my beach house. I had to get one more quick picture with my Papaw! I love him so much!

That is a wrap on the edition of Ohio family time. Thanks for joining me today. See you next time.


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