Monday, July 18, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch July 18, 2022

The weekend began with us arriving a couple of days early at Bethany Revival Center in Wichita, Kansas. We were so glad to pull in after 1700+ miles from our last California stop in Tehachapi.

Some of you observant readers may notice that the BogggsMobile is parked parallel to the building rather than perpendicular as we have always parked in the past. The current position is east/west and allows us more of a chance to keep the temperature in the bus tolerable in the oppressive heat and humidity.

This may become normal for us here!

They have been busy here remodeling the pulpit area. The carpet installers were working when we arrived. It is beautiful.

It is awesome to spend some time with Steve and Karen while we are here.

Steve and Karen took us for a very nice meal Friday evening.

It is hot and humid in Wichita this week, so any outside work needs to be done early. Steve helped me on a bus repair project Saturday morning. We began at 6:20 when it was only 80 degrees.

There is an electrical box above the engine that is about three feet long. It has connections, relays, breakers, switches and who knows what else. It latches at the bottom and swings up to open. I opened it a few weeks ago and most of the rivets were broken on the hinges. The lid was barely hanging on.

Steve helped me hold it while I drilled out the hinges and I held it while he popped in new rivets. I could not have done it without an extra set of hands and an extra brain.

Thank you, Bubba. While we were outside and it was still relatively cool (😁), I washed some of the road grime off the back of the bus. That was enough work for the morning.

We had several things to do Saturday, including loading in the sound equipment, setting up and getting soundcheck. All that was done in time to get a great night's sleep and get ready for Sunday morning.

We enjoyed two wonderful services yesterday. It is so great to be back at Bethany Revival Center with our friends and experience wonderful things from the Lord.

Wow, what a great weekend! We are looking forward to five more great services at Bethany this week. Thank you for stopping in today.


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