Friday, July 8, 2022

California Diesel Drama

California Diesel
We do our best to buy as little diesel as we can in California. They are mighty proud of diesel and gasoline in the Golden State. We have seen prices above $7 a gallon during our recent visit. 

It has always been more expensive there so we try to fill up right before entering the state and as soon as we leave. There have been a few times it seemed like we exited the state on diesel fumes and prayer!

There is really no sense in taking chances like that. This time I stopped in California and added $300 of diesel to make sure I had enough to get out of the state. For $300, I only pumped 43.5 gallons. Ouch!

This is officially the highest price we have ever paid for a gallon of diesel, $6.88! Wow!

Glad we did not have to buy more, but we needed every drop we bought in California. When I filled up in Nevada, I pumped in 149.7 gallons. IF I had not added fuel in California, the bus would have needed 193 gallons!

The tank is rated to hold 208 gallons, but I have been told it would be difficult to get more than 198 gallons in it with high-speed diesel pumps. If we needed 193 gallons, we would have been on fumes for sure. I shiver to think about it.

In 14 years of owning the BoggsMobile, we have never been so low on fuel that we had to add more than 165 gallons to bring the gauge to full. I would like to keep it that way.

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