Monday, July 11, 2022

You REALLY Need To See This!

Amazing, tremendous, incredible, stunning, unbelievable, stupendous!

I have been looking for St. Peter, Mary or anyone else from the Bible in the clouds, in reflections, condensation on windows and even ham sandwiches for years. People have made millions by spotting saints in their potato chips, tortillas, bananas, pancakes, Cheetos and other places.

Churches have supplemented their budgets by charging admission to see statues weep or bleed. The faithful will line up for blocks to pay their money to see the statue of the virgin Mary cry!

I have looked, but I have seen no saints, no crosses and no virgin Mary. But we did see and photograph an amazing sight in the Rocky Mountains recently. For real!

This is our chance at millions. So do not look if you are not going to send money to see this phenomenal sight and do not download, screenshot or disseminate our great picture if you are not willing to pay like millions for it.

I promise to use the millions to support missions in Africa, buy fuel for other evangelists, encourage churches, feed the hungry, reach the lost, build KJo a home for retirement and remodel the BoggsMobile. Depending on how many millions this picture rakes in, I may even buy a different BoggsMobile!

Are you ready? Here is the ultimate manifestation in the clouds! Here you go!

The Big Boggs Dog watching over the Rocky Mountains.

Zoomed in for a closeup

This totally untouched picture was taken on July 7, 2022. Think about it. The seventh day of the seventh month in the seventh year after 2015 must mean something, especially since it was the seventh picture I had taken on that adventure. 

Also, it was taken at 3:31 PM. IF you can not see the significance of that, I can not take the time to explain it to you.

AND dogs rhymes with Boggs. The Virgin Mary could never do that!

There you go. I assure you I am going to keep working while the millions roll in.

Thank you.


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