Thursday, July 28, 2022

Travelogue - Colorado Springs to Wichita, Kansas

This travelogue will take us from Souls Harbor Church in Colorado Springs to Bethany Revival Center in Wichita, Kansas. The route follows Hwy 24 about 70 miles to I-70 east and finally I-135 south and is a shade over 500 miles. 

There are no steep elevation gains and it steadily drops from about 6000' to about 1300' in Wichita! It was hot and humid when we arrived, but the lower elevation was a welcome change!

Here we are hooked up and ready to go in Colorado Springs.

Our plans for the travel days were simple. We intended to drive a few hours, get parked somewhere safe and then tackle a piece of the mountain of bookwork that was backed up. We worked several hours over two days and caught up on everything. I love it when a plan comes together. Thank you for helping KJo!

Of course, we had to eat too!

We are parked below in the RV section at Flying J in Limon, Colorado. As with most Flying Js across the nation, it is difficult to get a spot with an RV some days.

The next two pictures remind me of something a tour guide told us years ago. We had ridden the Cog Railway to the top of Pike's Peak with Kelly Jo's family in the early 2000s. It was amazing.

The lady told us that on a clear day, you can see five states from the top. She said, "These close mountains are Colorado, of course, that direction is New Mexico, over there is Arizona and that is Utah. Now, what do you see in this direction?" (As she was pointing to the east) Someone answered, "I can't see nothing." She said, "Nothing? That is Kansas!"
Well, here it is!

Kansas provides a good number of rest areas along I-70. Most of the parking for us and big trucks is parallel parking. When truckers run out of allowable hours to drive, they MUST get off the road and that makes parking a real challenge at times. 

Here is what it can look like during the day at times.

Trucks parallel park on each side with a narrow path between them. When it gets full at night, it can be a mess.

I stopped here to take a short break. With the truck on the left, I could not get through.

He was eventually able to pull up, but did not pull up enough. I cleared the back of his truck and the front of the truck on the right by inches! Whew!

We stopped for the day later and I was able to pull into the very front spot. This rest stop was a bit wider too!

A few blocks from Bethany Revival Center in Wichita, we were delayed by a stopped train on 21st St.

Traffic began turning around and turning off the street until we finally made it to the light. We turned left, went south four blocks, turned right on 17th and made it across the tracks. The train was still stopped when we turned west on 21st St again!

We were so glad to pull into Bethany Revival Center. My brother Steve and his wife Karen were there to meet us and help us get parked. The street in front of the church is closed for major construction and they had scouted out the best route for us to get through! Thank you. I needed that!

Thank you for joining us on our journey.


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