Saturday, July 9, 2022

Odie‘s Fourth of July Weekend

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Ohio. I hope you have had a fantastic week. I am doing well. 

Today I want to tell you about my fourth of July weekend. First, we will rewind to Thursday, the thirtieth of June. It was time for a checkup with my eye doctor. 

Going to these checkups is always a little unnerving for me. I did not think there had been drastic changes in my eyes, but you never know what they will find. 

It turned out to be a three hour appointment. The checkups are longer when I have to do testing. It is a hurry up and wait situation. Then my doctor had to deal with an emergency. The doctor's staff handled everything well. 

Papaw waited with me during the whole appointment. I appreciate Papaw and Mamaw taking me to my appointment!

I am blessed with an eye doctor that is genuinely concerned about me! Last week they did a series of tests to monitor things. Praise God, everything was holding steady! I am thankful for Good news and healthy eyes! Here is a selfie while waiting for Doctor Kopp. I could not see clearly here. My eyes were dilated, which is my least favorite part of visiting the eye doctor.

We had to hurry to Waynesville for a funeral for a dear family friend. Then it was time for lunch!

Thursday night was dedicated to church. Friday, I cleaned my house and did laundry. I do not have pictures of those activities.

Saturday was another eventful day. My friend Stephanie Stansell and I decided to try our hand at making a Keto Apple Pie. She was the head chef and I was her helper. We made our crust on Saturday. The crust turned out fabulous and we had a ton of fun!

Saturday night, I spent a little time with family enjoying fireworks at my cousin's house.

Sunday, it was time to be with my wonderful church family! 

After church, it was time to finish our pie. We made time to eat Alcapulco. The food, fun and fellowship with special friends was fabulous!

Making the pie filling.

Ready for the top crust.

This is the pie all ready for the oven.

The yummy finished product. 

Bro. Rick and Timmy were our entertainment for the afternoon.

Sunday night service

After church, we had an apple pie bake off. Sis. Bev Blevins is the reigning apple pie champion at DRPC. Sis. Heather Hisle came in at a close second. It was fun to eat pie and fellowship after church.

Sis Stephanie and I made our pie, so we did not have to blow our diets. We were pleased with the way the pie turned out. 

Then I finished my weekend by watching the fireworks that my neighbors were setting off.

This was a great weekend full of fun. I hope you enjoyed a peek into my weekend. Thanks for stopping by to visit with me. See you next time.



  1. That apple pie looks wonderful. Thank God your eyes are good!! See you down the road

    1. Thank you, it tasted good to me! Yes I am so thankful that my eyes are doing well. Hope to see you soon!


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