Saturday, July 23, 2022

Up, Up And Away

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the road. Wow, it has been a while since I typed that last sentence. It feels good to be back in the saddle again.

I am thrilled that I could join my parents for the revival at Bethany Revival Center. We love Pastors John and Judy DiZazzo! For twenty years, we have been coming to their church for revival! We always have a great time with them and their church family!

The icing on the cake for me is spending time with Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen! They have now lived in Wichita, Kansas, for over two years. It is a joy seeing them working diligently for God at Bethany Revival Center! I still miss them living in Ohio, especially during my extended stays at home!

Last Saturday was spent traveling to Wichita by airplane. Today I will share some of the pictures from my travel day. 

My first flight left at six in the evening from Dayton. Thanks to Mamaw and Papaw for taking me to the airport. The check-in process was quick and easy. The airline allowed Papaw to get a pass to take me back to my gate.

It was soon time to say, see you later to Mamaw. I had to snap one more quick selfie. I love my grandparents and love spending time with them. It can be tough to say bye to them. I will see them again soon, so this goodbye was not as tough as others.

I  always allow plenty of time to get through the security screening. We were through and headed to the gate with plenty of time to spare. Once we found my departure gate,  it was time to wait for my plane.

Goodbye, Ohio. I was excited to be flying again. This was my first flight since January 2020! I love looking out my window and taking pictures during a flight. We had good weather and a smooth flight.

Story Time

A friend of mine from my church, Sis. Muriel Jean Parrot recently told me that her son is a pilot for Delta. She said to look for him on my next Delta flight. I thought I possibly would cross paths with him someday. There are thousands of Delta flights and pilots. Just maybe, someday, he would be my pilot.

I remember seeing her son thirty years ago. Sis Muriel Jean was my second grade Sunday School teacher. Her son was in the Air Force. He came to church with her while visiting home. I remember her bringing him down to introduce him to the class. She was a proud Mama that day! Our class had been praying for her son every week.

Guess who flew me from Dayton to Atlanta. Yes, Mr. Michael Parrot was my pilot! I definitely give him five stars for his flying abilities! The landing was excellent! I thought it was cool that he was on my flight! 

I introduced myself after the flight. He was super friendly. We talked briefly and grabbed a quick picture for his Mom. Maybe I will see him on another Delta flight!

Back to Odie's Travel Day

Hello Atlanta, Georgia! I had two hours at this airport. That was just enough time to change planes, eat a snack and take care of business. Soon It was time to head to Wichita.

Howdy, Wichita, Kansas! Nighttime pictures are harder to capture during a flight, but I enjoy flying at night and seeing the lights.

My parents picked me up late Saturday night. It was wonderful to see them again! Here is a quick elevator selfie with Mom to end my travel day.

It was time to head to the BoggsMobile and find my bed! I am grateful for a successful travel day! I had heard and read so many horror stories about flying recently. I was a bit concerned and prepared myself for some hiccups along the way. I did not experience any hiccups at all. I appreciate everyone that prayed for me to have a smooth and safe travel day! Our prayers were answered.

Thanks for joining me for my travel day to Kansas. See you next week. I am planning to tell you more about my fun in Kansas.



  1. Glad you're back! The pictures are always more plentiful when you're on the bus. 😜 Loved your contribution to the last Pod'n Me. Praying for your long lost loved one!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am glad to be back! I have tried to keep the pictures coming.

      I am glad you enjoyed Pod’N Me. I appreciate your prayers for my lost loved one!


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