Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Funny Stowaway

This struck me so funny.
Friday afternoon in Independence I was going to move the BoggsMobile out of the RV parking spot and pull around into the front of the church. We were leaving after service and it was easier to put the bus into position in the daylight.
I went into the school to ask the ladies to move one of the cars so I could get out. One of the ladies told me that a ball had rolled under our bus and the kids couldn't get it out. I told her that once I started the bus it would raise up and I would remove the ball.
Pretty simple, right? Except for the fact that I walked out the door and completely forgot all about the ball under the bus. I never thought another thing about it until late Saturday night in Ohio... When we smelled something like melting plastic! Then... I suddenly remembered the ball.
Had it rolled against the diesel heat exhaust pipe on Friday and melted? We once ran over a Wal-Mart type bag and it melted onto the pipe and smelled terrible for days.
We grabbed a flashlight and went out to investigate. Laying on the parking lot with our heads on the ground, this is what we saw.

I was shocked. That must be the ball from Independence. Evidently it had stuck to the exhaust pipe and stayed there the whole way. It road almost 580 miles. Over 10 hours of driving and it's really not all that worse for wear. It has a little melted place but it is still kickable.

Isn't that funny? Next time somebody jokes about stowing away and going with us, I can tell them I know a great place for them to ride.
You never know what we will find out here on the open road.


  1. That's funny!!!

  2. Isn't hilarious? I couldn't make up stuff like that!

  3. Just wondering...could you check under there for Hank?...He's missing.....JK!!!


  4. Haha! I think I would have heard Hank singing!


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