Friday, July 15, 2022

An Altitude Problem

There have been more than a few times in my life that I have had an attitude problem. My parents have adjusted my attitude, My friends and family have adjusted my attitude, My Pastor has adjusted my attitude. AND KJo has adjusted my attitude.

Thank God for people who will take a risk and pour truth into my life when I need to adjust my outlook!

I have not been suffering from attitude problems much lately, but I have been suffering from an altitude problem.

July 5th we left California and headed toward Colorado. That first night we parked in a rest area near 6000' elevation. I was huffing and puffing by the next morning as we were trying to get on the road. 

Most of the second day was spent driving up and down mountains and we spent that night at 5300'. KJo and I walked by the Colorado River in the evening and I could hardly make it.

5300' was our low point for the next day and over the course of the day we were over 10000' and then 12000' and later in the day over 12000' again.

On the fourth day, we drove to Colorado Springs which sits at about 6000'. We stayed there parts of four days and the second day went to the top of Pike's Peak above 14000'.

I had not felt good all week, but it did not dawn on me until several day into the high altitude that the very high elevations might be taking a toll on my oxygen saturation.

I took an oximeter with us to Pike's Peak and nearly fainted when I saw the number. Actually, I was about to faint no matter what! I will not tell you how low my O2 level was. Some of you will think I am lying and some of you will think I am dying.

KJo had thought to take my portable oxygen machine and I am happy that she did. 

I had not used it since December, but I used it while on the mountain and all the way back to the bus. I did not get my levels anywhere near normal until we got down to about 6500'.

Thursday while at 12000' I had a feeling like I had never had before. Two days later on Pike's Peak over 14000' I felt it again. I never want to feel that way again. I may move to sea level!

Evidently, my lungs or heart or something is still distressed by the long term effects of Covid. Altitude has never treated me bad like that. 

Two nights ago we finally slept at 1800' and I woke up feeling great AND my oxygen level was back in the 90s. Much, much better!

I am praising God that I am better than I used to be and I am asking God to complete the work!

Thank you for stopping by.


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