Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Keeping the BoggsMobile Rolling With TLC

Thank you for faithfully reading Mile Markers. I have been told by some readers that they love everything we post, EXCEPT for the mechanical stuff. That is OK. I understand. Maybe you can at least enjoy the pictures today. We need to document the mechanical stuff to help jog our memories later.😁

Also, there are other readers that come here almost exclusively for the bus mechanical stuff. Today is your happy day. Here we go!

The BoggsMobile is a 1995 Prevost XL built in early 95. It was converted over the next several months into a motorhome in Sanford, Florida and is titled as a 1996. We are the third owner and we purchased it in March 2008.

We spent a few days recently in Vonore, Tennessee at East Tennessee Luxury Coach giving the BoggsMobile a little tender loving care. Jeff Rowe and his guys changed the oil, lubed everything, replaced the coolant, a coolant sensor, repaired the AC, took care of several pesky air problems and a few other miscelaneous items.

We are always thrilled to pull into Jeff's shop in Vonore. It almost feels like going home again. There is nothing quite as beautiful as east Tennessee and a parking lot full of buses and a dear friend waiting for us makes it even prettier.

We ask God every day to bless Jeff and his business. We have been doing that for almost seven years since our first visit there in March 2014. 

Much of the commercial bus world has been decimated by the pandemic and even a lot of individuals with buses as motorhomes have parked them for the duration. That has the potential to damage Jeff's business badly. That is another reason we have been praying for God to help him and his guys day by day!

We had a pleasant time in Vonore, ate good food, visited with wonderful friends and took care of the bus. As much as we love to pull into Vonore, we like leaving too. I like cashing out, getting a couple hundred miles behind us and knowing that everything is running smoothly once again.

Yes, this old bus inflicts emotional pain upon me at times, but the BoggsMobile is a joy to drive and a pleasure to own.😍 I praise God for this nearly 26 year old machine and I praise God for Jeff Rowe helping to keep it rolling down the highway!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read Mile Markers today.



  1. ...not my typical reading material but I do find it interesting! So maybe as the first comment I win a bus tour?! Come back home to Hodgenville soonπŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for reading AND commenting. We will bring that tour up at the very next bus committee meeting. πŸ€ͺ😍


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