Saturday, January 2, 2021

Flip The Switch

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in with you. I hope that you are doing well today! Thank you for spending a few moments of your day with me! I am thrilled to be visiting with you virtually.

I have been home, enjoying my home, for most of December. When I am here it is easy to look around and admire all the little touches that make this house my home.

For this post, I wanted to focus on a small feature in my house. This has become one of my favorite things that we did to make this house fit my needs.  

Dad and Papaw Eugene handled the bulk of the electrical while we were building. Our cousin Gary Coffman and his crew helped us do a few things too. I appreciate Gary being on speed dial to answer our questions. He knew all the stuff that our county required for electrical and that was a huge help!

When we were discussing and planning to build the house I had an idea and I asked Dad if he could make it possible. He is awesome! Dad made my idea a reality for me. I absolutely love it! In fact, he was already planning to do it, I just did not know it.

What makes me so happy? It is a bank of light switches above my bed. I can control the majority of the lights inside AND outside my house from my bed! It is even better than I wanted it to be. I just asked for controls for the bedroom and bathroom lights, but I received so much more.

Have you ever climbed into bed and snuggled in only to discover you left a light on? Yeah? Me too! It is so hard to make yourself get out from under the covers and out of bed in order to turn the light off. For me, that can be a multi-minute process. 

By the time I drag myself out of bed, get in my wheelchair, go to the light switch and then reverse the process, I have spent way too much time. There has to be a better way and having all the switches above my bed is perfect!

My switches are within arm's reach. I definitely use my switch bank daily! I actually can control the bedroom light at three points in the room. I think it is amazing! I can also control the bathroom light, the living room light and all of the outside lights.

There is another switch in the bank of switches that usually gets flipped multiple times a night. That switch controls my ceiling fan. If it feels stuffy or I need air moving during the night I will turn on the fan. Then after a while, I start feeling chilly. It can be a never-ending cycle, but there is a handy switch to control things.

Who knew how important switch placement can be for somebody with limited mobility? I am so thankful for every small detail that helps me. My special light switches are wonderful. I am so grateful that Dad made this feature possible for me!

The large and small details of my home make it perfect for me! I thank God every day for the marvelous blessing of a home. He is so good to me! God does not owe me this. There are so many millions of people that have nowhere warm and safe to live. I am very thankful for my blessings.

Thanks for reading. I will close for now. I hope you have a great weekend and a great beginning to 2021.


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