Monday, January 18, 2021

The Weekend Write-up 1/18/21

First, A Prayer Request
My Dad, Eugene Boggs, tested positive for COVID four days ago. He has existing health issues that put him at a disadvantage in fighting COVID if he develops a bad case of it. Please pray for him and my Mother each day. We are believing God for miracles in the bodies and lives. Thank you!

The Weekend Write-up
This felt like the first proper weekend that we have had since Christmas. Hopefully, it is the first proper weekend of many, many more over the coming months. What is a proper weekend? Well, I will answer my own question?😁

On a proper weekend, we spend Friday preparing for the last night of revival AND preparing to leave Friday night after church or Saturday morning. Then we drive Saturday, arrive at the next revival location, park, hook to utilities and carry in the sound equipment.

Then we set up the equipment, get a soundcheck, visit with the Pastor, get a good night's sleep and have two wonderful services to kick off revival on Sunday.

Yep, this was a proper weekend for us and we enjoyed it very much! We had a wonderful service Friday night to wrap up revival in Denham Springs for Pastor Jerry Arnold and his folks. We are praising God for the great week we had! May God bless our new friends abundantly. They are great folks.

Denham Springs, Louisiana

The bus turned around Denham Springs and pointed toward the road Friday afternoon.

After service Friday night, the Denham Springs folks helped us get loaded up and then we cranked the BoggsMobile and drove about 180 miles to the Texas Welcome Center on I-10. We were so thankful to see a few open spaces.

We were in bed by 2:00 and we were rolling by 8:00 the next morning. We only had about 176 miles to drive Saturday, but unfortunately, much of it was under construction and we had to skirt around Houston. It took us nearly 4 hours to cover those 176 miles and we were thrilled to arrive in Sweeny.

I have mentioned before that we have been coming to Full Gospel Lighthouse in Sweeny, Texas since the early 1990s. We first traveled here in our 1984 Plymouth Reliant Station wagon, then our 1984 Lincoln Town Car, one or two of our fifth wheels and the BoggsMobile has been here many times.

We have also flown in and stayed in the evangelist quarters, plus the infamous visit here two years ago when the bus spent two weeks at Prevost Houston 80 miles north of here and we stayed in the quarters. That was a revival to remember and we certainly will!

We have shared some wonderful glorious times with these dear friends and we are expecting much more of the same this week. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Full Gospel Lighthouse in Sweeny, Texas.

Pastor Larry Lamb

Thank you for spending a few moments with us at Mile Markers.


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