Friday, January 8, 2021

Pictures From Home And The Road

Wow! We have a whole bunch of home and road pictures for you today. Looking at all of these wonderful pictures makes me realize that they are actually just a drop in the bucket of the pictures we could post from the last several wonderfully busy days.

I understand that a lot of you come here every day for the pictures. Yes, KJo, I am looking at you. But that is OK. We love giving you pictures! Get ready for picture overload today!

I will present them to you with some running commentary along the way.

First, look at these temperatures. This was Ohio on Christmas Day.

15 and feels like ZERO

Any way you slice it, that is too cold for humans to live, at least this human.😅

A beautiful sunny moment among mostly cloudy days.

The Green Machine is still beautiful in the right light and especially in darkness.😍

Dryden Rd. Pentecostal Church

It was great to see Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe recently!

Jo Jo and Charlie are in the house!

KJo and her Dad making music on guitars. This put a big smile on my face even long after the music stopped.

When KJo's Dad stood up, the zipper on his coat caught in the guitar string. They could not see how in the world it stuck or how in the world it would come off. It was so funny to watch AND take pictures.

After a few minutes, the zipper and string were loosed as quickly as they became tangled. What in the world?

Hooking up to the tent trailer in order to move it into position as we prepared to leave.

Time to go south.

Most of the day was cloudy and misty, but the sun broke through!

We have new readers joining all the time, so some of you may not be familiar with the beautiful people in the picture above and the picture below. This is Bro Herman and Sis. Margaret Woods from Kingston, Tennessee. Kelly Jo and I met them 7 days after we married in 1985.

We love them like family and they have taken us in as family for all of these years. Herman and Margaret have been an incredible influence in our lives in more ways than I can describe to you right now. They are like second parents to both of us and another set of grandparents to Odie. They are so precious to us!

Years ago, when I was a Pastor, Bro. Herman would invite us to preach revival each year. Several times during the revival week he would impress on me his opinion that God had equipped our family to be evangelists. 

He would say something like, "I am not saying you are not in the will of God as a Pastor right now, but remember, son, God is going to use you as an evangelist. Mark my word, you are not always going to be a Pastor."

Right there, in the moment, I could not see that at all. But Bro. Herman was right. He could somehow see the bigger picture that God had outlined for us. Bro. Herman did not make me an evangelist. He did not have the power or even the desire to do that. But he perceived what God was doing. Praise God for men of vision and faith.

Bro. Gary Thomas is from Colorado Springs and we see him and his family in Vonore, Tennessee! What a special treat!

That wraps up a boat load of pictures for you. We are long gone from Tennessee, but we should have you caught up to real time by Monday. Thank you for stopping by today.


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