Monday, January 4, 2021

A Look Back AND A Look Forward

We are On The Road Again.

It Begins
Our very first scheduled service of 2021, yesterday January 3, was canceled due to COVID cases in the church. It is unavoidable and completely understandable and not even frustrating anymore. It is part of our current manner of life and we are thankful for God's grace and help. 

I did think it was worth mentioning here since I know that many of you are following along closely and praying for us and the churches.

Thank you for reading Mile Markers each day. I appreciate the great response to our first post of the year last Friday. I want to expand on that a bit.

I know that some of you read Mile Markers every night when you receive notice by email and some of you read every morning. Others read occasionally and we want you to know that we appreciate all of you.

We are not breaking any records in our little corner of the internet, but we are amazed at how many folks read Mile Markers each day. Blogger tells me that we had 272,000 page views in 2020. Thank you for being part of that number.

Our most read post of the year according to the numbers from Blogger was March 21, 2020. That was the day we arrived home for quarantine and two days before we began 61 nights of online revival. It was called We Need Revival In Uncertain Times.

I have reread that post today and our need for revival is as great on January 4, 2021, as it was in March 2020. There is nothing, No Thing, that will pull us through this mess besides God. We need God to move among us and saturate us with His love, His presence, His power and His peace!

We spent the next 61 nights after that post, trying to be an instrument of revival. We are still praising God for the way He helped us every step of the way and is still helping us today. Many of you joined us those nights of revival and we appreciate the encouragement you have given us in response.

To begin the online revival, we needed a presence on YouTube. I knew nothing about videoing for YouTube and less than nothing about getting it from my phone to YouTube itself. There is nothing to motivate learning like "It must be done in two days!"

Our YouTube channel is insignificant in the grand scheme of YouTube, but we are very happy with the modest growth. We have 1056 subscribers and our revival videos and other videos have been watched 68,500 times for a total of over 12,000 hours. We have posted about 150 videos with most of them being live.

We are very thankful that many of you readers have also walked along with us on YouTube. It has been quite an incredible journey for us and we hope to keep rolling by God's grace.

What is the plan going forward? Well, we plan to keep right on posting here nearly every day and we hope to continue posting as much as possible on YouTube this year too. In fact, our first YouTube post of the year will be this Wednesday as we announced the last Wednesday of 2020.

There is a way you can help us grow Mile Markers and our YouTube Channel and that is by following by email here and by subscribing on YouTube and sharing posts you like whenever you can, wherever you can. We appreciate it very much.

Brother and Sister let us look forward and let us go forward by faith into 2021. Seek God’s face, hold God’s hand and trust God’s heart. He will lead us safely home. 

We appreciate you stopping by Mile Markers today too. Thank you and may God bless you.


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