Friday, January 22, 2021

Revival In Pictures - Sweeny, Texas

It has been another wonderful week of services in Sweeny, Texas. I love preaching to the saints at Full Gospel Lighthouse! I did not say I always preach good, but I have a good time trying to get it done!😍

We sure appreciate Pastor Larry Lamb inviting us and welcoming us each year with open arms. We are thankful for his kindness and the kindness of these good people.

Although the week has been joyous, it has not been without a dose of sorrow. One of the faithful members of Lighthouse passed away suddenly Monday evening. She was not feeling well enough to attend the services Sunday, so we did not get to see her this year.

God brought great deliverance in Sis. Kay's life a few years ago and it has been a joy to see her sitting on the front row ever since. We missed her this week and we will miss her in the future. May God bless her brother that also attends Lighthouse and all of her family and friends.

Today is picture day so we will get right to it. I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures.


The faces of Dee

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