Wednesday, January 6, 2021

A Word For Wednesday (1)

Today is the first in what is hopefully a series I am calling A Word For WednesdaySome weeks it may be a sermon, a sermon excerpt a sermon illustration or anything else considered "preachy". I am a preacher after all.😊

These posts may be written text within the post or in video format. Today's A Word For Wednesday post is a video I recorded a few weeks ago. At nearly 29 minutes in length, it is a touch longer than I intend these to be, but it is still a learning process for me.

Please extend a little grace to me and check this out. I am reading an old sermon and loving every second of it. This particular sermon brought me under conviction and I wanted to be generous and share.

It is from The Keswick Week 1965. The sermons is called "Two Complimentary Characteristics of Sin" by K. F. W. Prior. Give it a few minutes to grow on you and share if you like it.

Please let me know IF you like this and would be interested in more videos like it. IF you Never want to hear anything like this again, feel free to gently let me know that too.😁

Thank you for stopping in, friend. Do not be a stranger, come back soon.



  1. Wonderful Word on this Wednesday! Convicting, stirring message. I enjoyed this and am looking forward to more coming.

    1. Thank you very much, bro. I appreciate the feedback.



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