Saturday, January 23, 2021

Pod’N Me Podcast

Hey Friends,

Welcome to another Saturday post written by Odie. I am glad to be checking in with my friends today. Thanks for stopping by to visit with me.

Today we will be traveling. What do you do to pass the time when you travel?  One of the thing that I do is listen to a good podcast. Do you have a favorite podcast? What media platform do you use to listen to a podcast? I have a new favorite podcast and I wanted to tell you about it today.

Pod’N Me

Bro. Devin Birdsong does a wonderful job as the show’s host. He calls himself The Podarrator. New episodes are released on Wednesdays. Some weeks we get a bonus episode. I get excited each time that I see a new episode notification pop up on my phone.

Bro. Devin is also joined on most weeks by Bro. Dustin Wakley, The Deacon, and Bro. Brad Cottrell, The Song Leader. These weekly meeting of the minds are called Wednesday Pod’N Meeting. Another regular member of the team is their official listener, Hershall. He sometimes makes a podcast appearance. I really have enjoyed all of the meetings! They bless my soul.

Some shows they bring on a special guest. They have discussed a myriad of topics with their guest. The testimonies of the guests have encouraged me. It always uplifting to hear how God has carried others through life!

You never know what will be on the agenda each week. The Bible, music, food, church and family are some of their favorite topics. Soup is another regularly visited topic of discussion. I can definitely tell they have a great time on the podcast.

Pod’N Me brightens my day every time that I tune in. It is a fun show, but they also have spiritual nuggets along the way. I have also found that listening to this podcast is a great way to start my morning. It helps me get awake and smiling.

It is a privilege to call Bro. Devin, Bro. Dustin, Bro. Brad and their families my friends! I can tell you that they are genuinely wonderful people! They love God and having a fun time. Thank you to the Podarrator, Deacon and Song Leader for putting together a 5 star podcast! Keep up the great work!

I encourage you all to give Pod’N Me a listen. Click here to find Pod’N Me. I listen to the podcast on the Apple Podcast app. There you can find the current and all of the previous episodes.

One more thing, I know that they love to hear from listeners. You can email your reviews to Bro. Devin Birdsong. Here is the email address. 

I will close for now. Have a fabulous weekend. See you all next Saturday.



  1. :) Pod'N Me has become one of my favorites as well. From soup to Christmas music, the topic is always a great listen! I normally listen on Spotify on my phone or Apple Podcasts on my computer.

  2. Bro. Matt,
    I am glad that you enjoy Pod’N Me too! Thanks for letting me know that is also available on Spotify.


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