Friday, May 22, 2020

Revival In Pictures Waynesville, OH 9.0

This week of revival has flown by like crazy. Yesterday was Sunday and tomorrow is Saturday. How does that happen? Was I asleep? I see we had church every night, I hope I sang and preached acceptably even though I snoozed through it!  

We have one more night of revival here this week and then we plan to drive to West Virginia for revival. The windows and doors are locked, the cameras are on, the alarm is set the rottweilers are already roaming the ranch and the alligators are swimming in the moat. I started to feed the alligators this morning, but I decided the hunger pains will keep them alert.

Today we are planning to do the work of the evangelist, crank the bus, load up some equipment, get the bus in position to roll and maybe even hook up the car to the bus. We hope to point east early tomorrow.

Today is Revival In Pictures so let us get to it.

The Kite Family and Friends- Shenandoah, Virginia

Theresa Osborn- Waynesville, Ohio 

Pastor EJ Lamb was listening while taking a walk!

Anna Beth from Louisiana was enjoying revival Thursday night.

Monday night 

Tuesday night 

Wednesday night 

I last mowed the grass last Wednesday. It had rained most all day of most every day since then. It is a delicate dance to find a window long enough for the ground to dry out so I do not destroy the yard with the tires of the mower. There was a short window without rain Thursday morning and I threw caution to the wind and got it mowed. 

It was not dry enough. I actually ran through some puddles in low places. The rain came back before I could even get the mower cleaned up.

You already know we had Mexican food a few times, right?

Thursday night 

Here is the video from last night's service, Mixing Faith and Fire.

That wraps up Revival In Pictures. Thank you for dropping by for a few minutes.


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