Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day

Night #48 Understanding What The Will of The Lord Is

Happy Mother's Day

May God bless all the Mothers today. I hope you have a lovely day.

I want to give special acknowledgment to my Mother, Martha Boggs and to KJo's Mother, Betty Morgan. You are both very special ladies and we love you both very much. You both have been so kind and loving to us for all these many years and cherish every year we have you with us. May God bless you with health and strength and happiness.

Mom, being raised in your home, under your Christian example was a tremendous advantage to me. The prayers you prayed over Steve, me, Theresa and Tommy have certainly been answered time and time again. IF I miss Heaven I will walk over your prayers to do it. Thank you for being the best Mother to me that you could be!

The Mother of my children is the love of my life and the hardest working evangelists wife in the USA. I love you Kelly Jo and I am constantly amazed that all you do. You are a fantastic Mother and incredible wife.

Thank you for dropping by for a few minutes on Sunday. I hope you have a super great day.


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