Saturday, May 2, 2020

God Is Able To Remove The Label

God Is Able to Remove the Label
Last night's service has about 11 minutes of static beginning at the 43 minute mark. You may have to turn up the volume to hear the preaching. We apologize for the annoyance. We are trying to get to the bottom of the disturbance right in the midst of an important part of the preaching.

Life thrusts us into some hard places and then sometimes our choices compound the problem. We become labeled and defined. We wear our label as does the Apostle Thomas.

The whole world knows him as Doubting Thomas because of an eight day period of doubt. His doubt disappeared once he had a fresh encounter with the resurrected Christ. Thomas went on to be a missionary in southern India and millions of people are in Heaven today because of the preaching and life of Thomas.

Oh, God, give us a fresh encounter with the resurrected Christ and remove our labels. Pull us past our defining moments in life that we can be brand new creatures in you!



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