Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Little Couch

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in today. How are you? I am glad that I can still visit here and we can all be safe! I miss seeing my friends. 

One of the perks of blogging is the collecting of memories. I enjoy scrolling through the archives and remembering the past. We have been posting here since 2009. The memories that we have collected are numerous. I also have a ton of life highlights that happened before blogging. I want to write about some of those memories and save them forever.

The Little Couch
Today's post goes way back to 1989. We were living in Franklin, Ohio at this time. I remember going to Toys-R-Us with my Dad. It was so fun to look at all the neat toys. I definitely did not need another toy, but my birthday was approaching. I remember looking at all the playhouses, I thought I needed.

Then I spotted a little couch. It was so cool! We did not purchase it, but that couch was forever stamped in my brain. Dad remembered it too. He drove our little blue Sprint car to the Dayton Toys-R-Us. and bought the popular couch. It was my fourth birthday gift from my parents.

Here is another, not so great, memory from that day. Dad was leaving the store and he was in a car wreck. I think someone else hit my Dad's car. Thank God that Dad was not injured!

My fourth birthday party was an awesome day! My grandparent, aunts and uncles came over to help us celebrate I wish I had pictures to share from that day. I know Mamaw had video footage.

During my party, Dad carried me into our living room and I was told to keep my eyes closed. Dad then sat me on my couch. I was elated to have my very own couch. It would be my favorite place to sit for years.

I wish I had a picture available to show you. My little couch was part of my life for years! Not only was it a comfortable place to sit, but it also folded out to a bed. I slept many nights on that thing.

In my playing, I used the couch as a church pew, a doctor's bed and many more things. I would fold it a certain way to make it into my car. I traveled lots of imaginary miles and visited several places. I would sit up on the back of the couch and wave and pretend to be in a parade. I wanted to be the Saurkraut Festival Queen!

I kept my precious couch until Mom convinced me that I no longer needed it. The couch went to live with my cousins. I was happy that I could visit it occasionally.

The little couch was not important in the grand scheme of life, but it brought me much joy. It played an important role in my childhood and imagination. I had no idea how much I would bond with the couch when I found it in the store. It is now a highlight in my life! Recently I realized the colors of my childhood couch would have matched my adult furniture. I had no idea, at four, that I was planning ahead.

Mom and Dad, thank you for my birthday gift when I was four! I do not remember if I ever thanked you. I know you probably sacrificed to have the money to buy it. Thanks for putting up with my couch and moving it a lot of times for me.

Thanks for reading my childhood memory! Do you have a favorite item from your childhood? I would love to read your memories in the comments.

God Bless,


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