Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Wheels Will Roll Again

Thank you for joining us last night for online revival. If you did not get a chance to stop by, you can always view the services later. We would appreciate if you would subscribe to our YouTube channel while you are there and share a video or two as well.

The Wheels Will Roll Again
The wheels will roll again by God's grace! Last night was night number 52 of our online revival and we have been home 54 days. We have not been in the same state for 54 days in many years! Of course, most of you have been dealing with some of the same things and most folks are ready to go somewhere. We are ready to roll the wheels of the BoggsMobile and roll them for a while!

We have been asking God for direction on when to go back on the road and preach revivals and we have been formulating a plan for a couple of weeks. We were supposed to be in Tennessee and Kentucky in April and Virginia for most of May. We hated to miss all those churches and we miss our friends desperately.

We have revival scheduled in Romney, West Virginia beginning Sunday, May 24. Pastor Bob Jeffreys and his congregation have begun having services again with careful measures and we feel very comfortable going there for revival. It is about a 400 mile trip through the mountains so the drive should scratch our itch pretty good. We will probably leave home on Saturday morning May 23.

The following Sunday we will sing and preach the 5th Sunday service for Pastor David Webb and the Hodgenville Pentecostal Church in Hodgenville, Kentucky. That evening or Monday we will complete the circle and go back to the Lazy OD Ranch. That will give us about a 10 day circle and will probably satisfy us for a bit.

The next week we have committed to helping my brother on a project and then we are looking at heading out for a bigger and longer circle by the end of June. Some meetings have had to cancel because of restrictions still in place and others are undecided at this time. We have placed it all in God's hands and we will do whatever is best at the time. We have been very careful to keep our distance from people for nearly 8 weeks now and we do not intend to throw that away when walking into a revival somewhere. We want to remain careful.

Thank you for praying for us concerning all of this. We know that some of you have been seriously interceding for us and we can not tell you how much we appreciate it. We actually are not nervous about any of it and we feel nice and calm. We are praising God for that. We are content to go and we are content not to go. To be in that place is an answer to prayer.

We would love to have you join us in revival at 8:00 PM each evening. Thank you for stopping by here today.



  1. So glad you will be at HPC on the 31st. I am putting in the request now to sing "I already know how the story ends". Looking forward to seeing you all. Love you guys!

    1. We look forward to being with all of our friends!


  2. is about the the Boggs came back home to HPC #justsayin
    Welcome home!


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