Monday, May 11, 2020

What's Up Weekend?

We had a wonderful weekend. We had revival service every night and very good days. It was cool and Sunday it was windy and rainy too, but at least it was not snowing like it was in some places in New England.

I already told you about Friday and the next day was a work day in the barn and yard. Saturday morning was cold, cold cold! We warmed ourselves by working. Steve and Karen were here by 8:00 and we had a dump trailer full of leftover construction debris within an hour. I hooked the truck to the trailer and we all took it to the dump for this type of debris in Xenia. I did not get one picture of all of that!

However,  I did get a couple pictures of our second load. This time the trailer is filled with the fence posts and boards from the fence that was taken down. I plan to take this load to Xenia Monday. I also captured a couple of pictures from lunch.  

And a few pictures of other meals over the weekend.

I spent the Sunday up in my study attending church. I listened to Pastor Gary Lee, Evangelist Jerry Pascarella, Pastor EJ Lamb, Pastor Carter Conlon (From last week), Pastor Tim Dilena, Pastor Scott Morris, Pastor Alan Harris, Pastor Kenny Morris and Pastor Jared Burris. Wow! I heard some great preaching!

Odie cooked supper for Mother's Day and invited us up in the afternoon. It was a great meal and we appreciate Odie thinking of her Mother and preparing the meal.

Pictures from Odie over the weekend.

Sunday night we had revival service at 8:00 PM. It was Sunday Night Singalong and we had a wonderful service. 

That wraps up the weekend. Thank you for reading today.



  1. Thank you Boggs family for the revival over the past 7 weeks. It has blessed me many times over the past few weeks. I didn't get to hear last night's broadcast live, so I've listened to it this morning at work. The presence of the Lord has filled this place this morning! Praise the Lord! "For the Love of Christ" really blessed me this morning. Oh, and I always love the Hinsons song that you've sung a few times lately too! May God bless you all.

    1. Thank you very much, Bro. Matt. You have overwhelmed us with your kindness. We are praising God for sending us to the right places while being "stuck" here at home. It has been a wonderful adventure.

      Thank you again,



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