Monday, May 18, 2020

What's Up Weekend? 5/18/20

We have enjoyed another wonderful weekend of working around the ranch and lots of great church. We are praising God for His grace and help. He is good to us and we enjoy the privilege of living in His world.

The first picture I have to represent our weekend is Odie practicing a song before church Saturday night.

We worked on a little project in the barn this week and finished it Saturday. First I cleared out an area near one wall and mounted my first 2x12. I had a bunch of boards left from forming the concrete on the porches of the house and all the wood I used came from that.

I ordered flanges and two foot sections of threaded black pipe and after much trial and error, we assembled a system that seems to be holding the two hundred tent revival chairs.

I like to keep the scaffolding assembled and I rolled it in front of the chairs and stored the chop saw and table saw under it at least temporarily.

I think I mentioned that I built a couple more bookcases from scrap lumber for my upstairs study. This is one of them and I have it sitting next to my chair with a few books within reach.

This bookcase is on the other side of my chair. The books at the top and my beloved Pulpit Commentary. When I was pastoring in Kansas, I kept these 53 volumes close and enjoyed reading them for pleasure.

The bookcase in the above picture is one of five that I purchased on an online auction after we bought this property. Four of the five cases were about seven feet tall and they were all stained blond. They had spent their lives in the library at Princeton High School near Cincinnati. I bought them all for a very cheap price and Dad picked them up for me. We later cut them down to fit on the short wall and sanded them and stained them dark.  

I took this picture below on Sunday morning as I was settling in for several hours of listening to preaching. 

I started with Pastor Bennie Sutherland teaching Sunday School on Jonah. I think he preached us all under conviction. In fact, they had an altar service after the Sunday School lesson! I joined the altar in my study. 

Then I listened to Pastor Tim Webb, Pastor Scott Morris, Pastor Philip Hoskins, Pastor Kenny Morris, Pastor EJ Lamb, Pastor Jared Burris, Pastor Andy Stringfellow and I caught a little part of several more services. It was a good Sunday! Including my break for lunch and KJo coming up to check on me, I had 9 hours of church in my study yesterday!

Odie had a few pictures from the weekend.

We finished the day with Sunday Night Singalong.

That wraps up the weekend. Thank you for stopping in.


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