Monday, December 16, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 12/16/19

Those of you that pay attention to our schedule, know that we were planning to have revival in Bloomington through this past Wednesday night. We were enjoying God's blessings tremendously, so that when Pastor Deatherage asked me about extending revival, we were glad to do so. 

We posted pictures from revival last Friday, but here are a few more from Friday night.

The men from the church helped us load our sound equipment after church Friday night. We appreciate the assistance. 

It was foggy when we awoke Saturday morning and foggy when we began the drive. Soon the sun broke through and it was a beautiful day to drive. Most of the trip was east on I-10 through beautiful desert type country.

After 320 smooth miles, arrived at Desert Cove in El Mirage, just in time for a burrito break from Humberto's! Oh yeah! While they were gone for burritos, Pastor Martinez and his boys helped us load in our sound equipment.

Sunday morning we had the first of two good services for the day. I am so thankful for God's people and we love to be with some of his finest in El Mirage.

After church, our friends took us to Nick's Diner. We had heard about this Greek place, but this was our first time eating here. It was very, very good.

We were hoping Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscila Mayhan would show up about the time we arrived Saturday night, but they had a big weekend at home in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma and were not able to do it. Bro. Bruce received his Master's degree on Saturday. He has been working diligently on his advanced degree for two years and yesterday was the big culmination of all that work. We completely understood that graduation was a little too important to skip.

While waiting for a table, we were in for a big surprise. What in the world? Yep, Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla walked in the door. They celebrated Bro. Bruce's big day Saturday, home church that night and then drove to OKC early this morning to catch a plane for Phoenix!

It sure is great to have our friends here with us.

Sunday night was an awesome service. God moved and we enjoyed and rejoiced every moment of it. Praise God for His help. After church, there might have been another burrito run.

That wraps up the weekend. Thank you for joining us today.



  1. Get some sleep!!! Look at all the early morning times you are up still working..miss you so much already!!,❤️

  2. Sleep is overrated! A good friend of mine says, "There is no rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need any."

    Thank you for reading!



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