Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Travel Day and Pictures From The Coast

Monday morning Kelly Jo and I were up with the sun and ready to roll in only minutes. KJ had done most of the work Sunday night and that made Monday morning's process a breeze. The car was hooked up and we were rolling shortly after 8:00.

There was a heavy fog in the valley and we drove in that all the way to Bakersfield, but it began to burn off as we began the drive on Hwy 58 through the Tehachapi Mountains. We love the view on that drive so we were thankful to be able to see it.

We stopped at Love's in the town of Tehachapi and took a little while to eat lunch. That was our only stop of the day besides a few very short bathroom breaks for the driver.

Pastor Deatherage had the tree trimmed at the back entrance, but the cars were parked in such a way on the street that it was easier for me to back into the church drive. Kelly Jo guided me and soon we were off the road and ready to park.

After parking, we spent a few minutes visiting with Pastor Deatherage and his wife. It is so good to see them again. We are only here for three nights. Please pray that God touches us in a great way.

Here is the BoggsMobile in Bloomington.

I will have a few pictures from the beautiful drive down here later in the week. Now I have the pictures from last weekend at the coast that I could not get loaded for yesterday's post. The first few are from the balcony of the room provided for us at Lighthouse Inn and Suites in Pismo Beach.

I was taking a picture of the water when Kelly Jo pointed out all the birds on the cliff.

A little closer.

Friday night we went for a nice dinner with Pastor Spencer and several more folks.


The Christmas Banquet at Madonna Inn in San Luis Obisbo, California.

We appreciate Pastor Spencer inviting us to be a part of the annual staff Christmas Banquet. We had a wonderful time singing Christmas songs and preaching a Christmas themed homily. We loved it all. Thank you, dear friends!

After the banquet, the men helped us load our sound equipment in the BoggsMobile and soon we had the car hooked up and we pointed back to Riverdale. It was cloudy and rainy early on, but it is a beautiful drive.

I think that catches you up. Thank you for reading.


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