Saturday, December 7, 2019

Songs of The Season 2019 - Go Tell

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from California. We are spending this weekend with our friends from Riverdale Assembly. Today we are excited to be part of their staff Christmas banquet. Tomorrow we will be at their church for both Sunday services. We love every time that we get to be with Pastor Charles Spencer and the church family at Riverdale Assembly!

We had a fabulous week with Pastor Doug Spencer in Avenal, California. It is exciting to see the work that is being accomplished at Avenal Assembly. God is doing great things through Pastor Doug and his family! Our family is blessed and encouraged every time that we come to Avenal. 

Go Tell

It is officially Christmas time. I love this time of year! We get to celebrate our Savior’s birth. It is wonderful to remember the gift God gave the world. Our savior was born so that we could be free from our sins! I want everyone to know and receive this priceless gift for themselves. It is a life changing gift! 

Recently, I was reminded of one of my favorite Christmas songs, Go Tell. It has been on repeat in my head for days. This song is a great reminder for us to spread the word that our savior was born. We must not keep the good news of Jesus Christ to ourselves. This news needs to be proclaimed near and far!

Go Tell was recorded by the Martins on their 1997 Christmas album. The entire project is one of my favorite Christmas projects of all time. It is titled Light Of The World. 

You can find the project on Apple Music by clicking here. Click here to view a video of Go Tell. The lyrics are listed below. 

Go Tell

Verse 1

There were shepherds on a hillside
There were angels in the sky
They said boys don’t you be afraid
This is night of your life
There’s a baby in the manger
That the whole world needs to know
It begins here with you 
Here’s what you must do
Go tell go tell go tell go tell


Once you’ve seen that shining star
You can’t keep it to yourself
Go tell it near and far 
He is Emmanuel
You Gotta Go Tell 

Verse 2

Go tell it to your sister
Go tell your brother too
Tell it to everybody you meet
Tell them you got good news
Tell them about that little baby
Born in Bethlehem
Tell them His name is Jesus
And He’s come to free us
Go tell go tell go tell go tell 


Once you’ve seen that shining star 
You can’t keep it to yourself
Go Tell it near and far 
He is Emmanuel
Everybody Go Tell!


The wise men are gonna shout it
The rich the poor and the lame
And if they were able 
The cows in the stable 
Would praise His Holy name


Once you’ve seen that shining star 
You can’t keep it to yourself 
Go tell it near and far
He is Emmanuel
Go tell go tell go tell go tell


Go tell it on the mountain go tell
Go tell in the valley go tell
Go tell it on the rooftops go tell
Go go go go tell
Go tell it on your car phone 

Please stop for a moment and remember that Jesus came to save us. Join me in telling others about the greatest gift ever given. Thank you for visiting with me today. Have a good weekend. 


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