Monday, December 9, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 12/9/19

Since we made the return trip to Riverdale Saturday evening, our cell signal has been full of molasses and  I am having difficulty getting pictures to load properly. We had a full and wonderful weekend, but I may have to post some of the pictures later. Hopefully, I can at least post the pictures from services Sunday at Riverdale.

Thursday morning Kelly Jo and Odie went to the laundry in Avenal and I prepared for us to roll. I was taking down the sound system when KJ got back and she helped me finish and load it all in the bus. Then she made one more trip to the Panaderia Taqueria for lunch. Their tacos do not come up to Tacos Tijuana, but they are excellent!

Then we cranked the bus, unwired from the electric, turned the bus around, hooked up the Green Machine and rolled the BoggsMobile toward San Luis Obisbo, California. It was a gorgeous drive through rolling hills. 85 miles and one hour and 40 minutes later we were pulling into the Madonna Inn.

Pastor Charles Spencer had invited us to sing and speak at their annual staff Christmas Banquet on Saturday. The provided us with a fantastic ocean view room where they stay in Pismo Beach about ten miles south of where we parked the bus. The room was awesome.

We pulled into the Lighthouse Inn and Suites after dark and we enjoyed visiting with lots of folks from Riverdale before enjoying a very nice supper at Splash Cafe with Pastor Charles Spencer and his wife, Pastor Doug Spencer and his wife and Bro. Dale and Sis. Crystal Spencer. It was a great evening.

We spent Friday visiting, resting and enjoying walking along the beach at low tide. We had formal dinner with Pastor Spencer and several others on Friday evening at AJ Spurs. We will have lots and lots of pictures of all of this later.

Saturday morning we loaded back into the bus and moved it next to the event room at Madonna Inn and loaded in our sound equipment. We finished with soundcheck as people began to filter in and we retreated to the bus so I could change into my "work" clothes.

The banquet was tremendous! The food was great, the fellowship was grand and the fun was glorious. I know you are going to love our pictures from the coast.

Sunday was wonderful from beginning to end. Bro. and Sis. Spencer asked me to teach a combined adult and young adult Sunday School class and I really enjoyed it. Then we sang and preached both Sunday morning and Sunday night with the emphasis on singing, shouting and exhorting Sunday night.

Odie was able to get the pictures to load from Sunday so you see them now. I will work on the rest for tomorrow.

Sunday night after church we worked on getting the bus ready to roll. We need to pull out early this morning before the parking lot is filled up from the school. The BoggsMobile needs to be in Bloomington this afternoon to begin revival tonight.

Thank you for stopping in today.



  1. Davy do you guys ever sleep! 2:19am... enjoyed the pictures looks like you had an awesome time.. Madonna Inn is beautiful I'm sure Riverdale was blessed by having you in services with them.. praying no more car troubles! safe...Bro Tito n Sis Robin Munoz

    1. It is always great to hear from you, friends. Although I do not sleep good, I was sound asleep at 2:19 California time. The times on Mile Markers are from our home area, Eastern Time. I published Monday's post at 11:19 PM California time, 2:19 AM Eastern.

      Double Amen on praying for no more car trouble! We are finished with that for a while by God's grace!

      We love you all much!



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