Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Go West Young Man 4th Verse

This is the fourth and final installment from our 19 trips to the state of California. We absolutely love so many things about beautiful California. I think Kelly Jo is looking for a way to move there now, but give her a few minutes, she will probably be ready to move on soon.

Our last four trips to California were all made in the bus, with two of them coming in the same year.

Sixteen 2016
In early 2016 we zoomed into the state from the south and ended up going all the way north to Atwater. We preached for Pastor Burris, Pastor Munoz, attended some of the HIM Conference in Riverdale and preached a revival for Pastor Deatherage in Bloomington. Interspersed with all of that, we visited several churches in and around Los Angeles getting to know people and looking for a place to set up the tent for a City Reach Campaign.

We wanted to join with churches there to have City Reach or rent property to have it ourselves. Although we met some great folks and had some wonderful experiences, we could not find peace in any direction we looked. We decided to shelve that for a bit and move to Phoenix for City Reach scheduled there.

We were in the Phoenix area for over a month and then we loaded everything up and went back to California.

Seventeen 2016
It was probably mid-March when we realized we would have time to bring the tent to California in between City Reach in Phoenix and Ft. Worth. Pastor Jared Burris went to work on arrangements for having City Reach in a park across the street from his church and pulled everything together in record time.

Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe met us there with the tent trailer and soon we were having City Reach in Atwater, California. The church folks had gone to work passing out thousands of flyers and we had a good response from the people in town. We were so thrilled to receive a good reception in California.

We have a few pictures from Atwater City Reach

When City Reach was over in Atwater, we took down the tent and made a beeline to Ft. Worth for the City Reach there.

Eighteen 2017
Our eighteenth trip to California was structured similarly to the trip we are finishing now. We preached a revival for Bro. Metzger in Montana and approached California from the north. We preached four revivals in the state that trip and single services in three other churches, plus we toured a few of our favorite places.

Nineteen 2019
That brings us to our latest trip to California that concluded only a few days ago. We entered the state on November 3 and departed on December 14. We preached seven revivals, a chapel service for the school at Riverdale and the Riverdale staff Christmas Banquet in San Luis Obispo. We had a wonderful time each and every day.

You can find hundreds of pictures from this latest trip in most of the posts over the last few weeks.

Thank you for joining us on our little California journey over the last 27 years. We appreciate you tuning in. See you tomorrow.


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